Our Essential Plan for Healing

Every day families arrive at funeral homes across the country with the challenge of planning a way to take care of the remains of their loved ones.  Their wishes and desires and the options available to them are almost inconceivable.  Many families face great uncertainty in this task and come to funeral directors expecting to discuss topics such as service times and places, newspaper obituaries, caskets, flowers and printed materials among other things.

 The immediate need of the family is to move their deceased loved one from the place of death to the place of final disposition with a variety of ceremonies and events in between.

 What families too often do not consider, or more importantly, what many funeral directors fail to discuss and explore, is how to truly help the family not only during the difficult days immediately following a death, but for their future as well.

 Understanding that nearly every decision made during the arrangement process has the opportunity to help a family begin healing is a powerful realization, for the family and the funeral director and staff.  Knowing that a compassionate and skilled funeral arranger can help your family build a personalized plan to follow in the future is empowering and often liberating following a death.

 Creating with each family our essential seven-step plan for healing is the goal, not only of our funeral arrangers, but of the entire staff of Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory.  The plan for healing is the first in many steps that help our staff fulfill their mission and help your family begin healing.

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