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Looking for a special way to remember a treasured part of your family?


At Family PALS (Pet & Animal Lovers Service), we take time to celebrate, honor, remember, and cherish, you and your pet’s most fond memories. Whether you are in need of immediate services or are seeking options to keep their memories alive, we offer a talented and caring staff ready to serve you. We specialize in pet graveside ceremonies including cremations, burials in our Garden of the Faithful, as well as urns, caskets, and markers.

Pet Urns

We offer a full line of custom engraved cremation urns and burial markers from our wholesale manufactures. We would be honored to help you in your search for cremation services and urn products.


Many pet owners desire to have their pets cremated. Cremation is an option that allows you to handle your pet’s remains as you wish whether it be burying them, scattering them, or keeping them in a decorative urn. No matter what you decide, Family PALS can meet your needs. Consideration of your living situation, personal and religious values, as well as plans for the future can help you determine whether or not cremation is the right choice. Should you choose cremation, Family PALS crematory facilities are among the finest in the industry.

For those pet parents who wish to be present during the cremation of their pet, we have established a viewing room. This additional service is available by appointment and is pre-arranged with one of our experienced counselors.

In addition, we have a large selection of urns, including marble, bronze, pewter, porcelain, cherry, and oak available for you to select from. Nameplates are also available should you wish to inscribe loving memories.

Family PALS offers three distinct types of cremation services for pets and companion animals.  Listed below are the options and corresponding pricing.

Family Pals Saint Joseph MO Funeral Home And CremationsPrivate Cremation – In a private cremation, only your pet is in the cremator, and no others.  You and the other persons you designate may attend and witness the cremation.  You may also initiate the process from a remote control panel in our comfortable viewing room, if you wish.  You will also receive temporary urn.

Family Pals Faucett MO Funeral Home And CremationsIndividual But Separate Cremation –
Individual but separate cremation means that your pet will share the cremator space with others, but they will be separated.  You are assured of receiving your pet’s cremated remains.

Family Pals Savannah MO Funeral HomeCongregate Cremation –
Congregate cremations are for the pet owner that does not want the cremated remains returned.  This option assures the owner that the pet will be handled in a professional manner and not treated as unclaimed road kill or dead wildlife.  The cremated remains will be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.









0-24 lbs.

  $250   $135   $45

25-49 lbs.

  $265   $145   $55

50-90 lbs.

  $275   $160   $70

100-150 lbs.

  $300   $175   $85


Service Pricing

  • Witness Cremation - $175
  • Removal from a private residence during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) - $295
  • Removal outside of a 15-mile radius of Family PALS is an additional $2.50 per mile round-trip
  • Removal after normal business hours - $495 in addition to any other charges

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